You have reached the home page of Joonas Tanner. I am a singer-songwriter by heart and a web developer by profession. I hope you find something of interest!


I have been writing songs since I was a teenager. I have more of an "official" artist website at joonastanner.com which is focused on my officially released songs. You can find those at any major music distributor (Spotify, iTunes etc). On this website you can find more of my songs, but more like demo version or lyrics-only. I hope one day to be able to release many of them as well!

If you want to know more about my music, feel free to browse the music section or just visit my SoundCloud page.

Web development

If you want to learn more about my extensive career as a web developer, please visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more.

I also occasionally tweet about everything related to web development. View latest tweets

p.s. This website has been built with Vue.js as a progressive web app (so you can install it to the home screen of your phone if you wish), using the excellent community-driven projects Nuxt.js and Vuetify.